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The team at Immigration Lawyer Philadelphia wants to help you with all of your immigration questions and concerns. We know that the process is confusing and it helps to have an experienced immigration lawyer in Philadelphia on your side. Below, you will find many of the commonly asked questions our office receives. We want you to be able to know what to expect and how the process works. Whether you want to apply for a visa or you have a question about deportation, we are here to help. If you have any questions for us after looking through the FAQs below, call our office today at 215-330-6444.

If my partner is not a citizen, can they come to the US so we can get married?

Yes. You can obtain a fiance visa for your partner. To receive the visa, you must be engaged and you will need to complete the proper paperwork. Once married, your fiance will need to apply for a status adjustment. The team at Immigration Lawyer Philadelphia can help you with this.

I am an employer of non-US citizen, what are my responsibilities?

As an employer, you are allowed to hire non-US citizens, but that non-citizen does need to have the proper work authorizations. If they do not, they will need to acquire them. Our team does offer legal services to employers to ensure that they are prepared to hire non-US citizens.

Can I change jobs under my L-1 visa?

The only way you can change jobs under your L-1 visa is to continue to hold a position with the company, company's branches, or an affiliate of the company. If you want to change employers altogether, you will need to inform the USCIS and complete the necessary paperwork to do so.

Is there a difference between citizenship and residency?

Yes. There is a major difference. As a resident, you can lose your residency at any time through the process of deportation. As a citizen of the United States, you cannot lose your status unless you choose to and become denaturalized or renounce your citizenship. A resident cannot apply for citizenship until they have reached the minimum eligibility requirements, which is usually three to five years of residence in the country.

I applied for an E2 visa. Will my children and spouse be covered under it too?

Yes. When you apply for an E2 visa, our immigration attorney in Philadelphia will make sure that the proper paperwork is completed to ensure that your children and spouse are included. It is important to keep in mind that your spouse can work under your E2 visa, but your children will NOT be able to work under it.

If I have had some legal troubles in my home country, will that stop me from coming to the US?

Not necessarily, but it could. Criminal problems can spell trouble when you want to come into the US, but not all criminal problems are an issue. It is important that you speak with a qualified and experience immigration lawyer in Philadelphia to provide you with the proper counsel. Our team will be able to help you determine if you are eligible to enter into the US with the crimes on your record.

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